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When life gets difficult we sometimes need someone to talk to who can give prospective and be objective and honest. Often our problems stand in the way of living the life we have always envisioned for ourlives. Here at Counseling Solutions of Northeast Florida, we strive to provide services that ­ allow our clients to understand the source of their problems in order to modify their http://sullivanwriting.com/ behaviors and manage their Anger successfully.
  1. CFARS Assessment
  2. FARS Assessment 
  3. Anger Management Assessement

Assessment includes:

  • Intake interviews —
    The clinical interview is an opportunity for us to gather important background and family data. It is an information-gathering session for Counseling Solutions (but ultimately for your benefit). You may be asked to recall your personal history through specific questions about various stages in your life.
  • Tests and inventories
  • Behavioral observations
  • Relevant information gathered from other sources

Counseling Solutions of Northeast Florida provides management training and professional development opportunities that assist individuals, teams and employees at all levels. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Management and Supervisory Skills
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Stress/Conflict/Time Management
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Diversity Training
  • Workplace Violence
Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Group sessions are both efficient and effective; they enable participants to learn through validation and support that there are others experiencing the same plight. During the group sessions, participants learn to trust, and to forgive, while receiving tools and knowledge to aid in their recovery process. In addition, participants learn what works and what has not from others in their group.

Groups - Teens

Teen Anger Management Groups

Teens can become angry, too. They may yell at their friends, fight with their parents, slam doors, or purchase a cheaply medications without rx burst into tantrums. However, this behavior is perfectly understandable, especially when a teen is going through hormonal changes. During this time, they can experience mismanaged anger which can manifest itself in many different ways. Some teens may seem irritable and angry either with themselves or with other people, thus causing them to act out their anger. This anger can be resolved with the proper training.

Groups - Adults

Adult Anger Management Groups

Our adult anger management program benefits clients by teaching them to recognize the warning signs of oncoming anger and to use calming techniques. This practice will ultimately contribute to a healthier cheap pills life.


Individual sessions

Individual sessions are a collaboration between a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS) and the client. One that aims to provide privacy and facilitates change. Individual sessions can help people identify and confront the barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, and it can also increase compassion, self-esteem, love, courage, and peace. Many people find they enjoy the one on one session because they feel that this approach fosters a means of self-growth and self-actualization. Our CAMS’s are trained to use Choice Based Anger techniques to meet your individual needs.

Phone Coaching

Anger Management Phone ­ Coaching for Professionals

This particular coaching is offered to individuals who are unable to visit our office. As with our individual sessions, there is a collaborative process between the CAMS and the client that aims to facilitate change and to improve one’s quality of life.

Anger Management for Christians

 Faith-Based Counseling

Counseling Solutions realizes that people struggle with a variety of issues in their lives.  While having a good talk with a friend or relative can make you feel better, talking with a trained listener can help resolve those life issues that are emotionally overwhelming you.  Being a trained listener allows us to listen and respond in a way that gets to the heart of your emotional distress. We provide Group counseling along with educational materials for Christian anger Management. Here at Counseling Solutions Of Northeast Fl. believe that this approach gives you hope to face your difficulties boldly, allowing you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer.

Online Anger Management Courses

Counseling Solutions of Northeast Florida offers a 4, 8 and 12 hour online anger management course. That will  equip you with the tools necessary to manage your anger and help you make better decisions.  You will need to answer all questions in the boxes provided and successfully past a 10 question quiz  in order  to receive your certificate of completion.  So please choose your course, pay, and then log in and get started.  Upon completion and submission of the course you will be sent your certificate of completion within 24 to 48 hours. Good luck and pay close attention to every segment of the course.



4 hour

8 hour

12 hour

16 hour

20 hour

28 hour

*Sessions are 1 hour group sessions

Online Anger Management Courses

  • Free Completion Certificate (Upon Completion of The Online Anger Management Course)
  • 4-Hour, 8-Hour & 12-Hour Anger Management Course
  • Convenient, Fast, Affordable
  • Mobile Compatible
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