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Your anger may be creating unneeded Stress at work and or at home!

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Do you feel like a different person when you’re angry?

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to order at a low figure tablets without rx – http://go.blog.unsoed.ac.id/?p=2503 Anger is a human emotion, one that if mismanaged can be painful, hurtful and destructive. In today’s society anger has become a major problem and because of this problem there has become a growing need for anger management groups. Here at Counseling Solutions, Inc. (CSI) we want to help you in your time of need. We firmly believe that anger is a manageable emotion. We believe our approach is one that will give our clients the best chance at being successful and one that will empower them to a healthier life style. Our approach is CHOICE -BASED. Webster’s dictionary defines choice as the act of selecting, the power of choosing or having options. Only you www.sullivan-writing.com have the power to choose whether to become angry or not. Choice Based Anger Control is built on the philosophy that “Our lives are the sum total of our choices and actions”.  -Gary Byrd

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The problem is not the problem!  The problem is your attitude towards the problem!

Paul Whittingham, CAMS,

Anger is a problem with a solution!

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